Winner of the January Guess-the-Artist Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated!

The artist who created the beautiful work featured in our January Contest was none other than Clyde River's Levi Panipak! Find out more after the jump.

Levi Panipak is a talented graphic artist from Clyde River, Nunavut.  With the use of an exacto knife, paper, tape and acrylic paints, Levi creates unique pieces with a minimalist aesthetic.  Although he uses a stenciling method, his works cannot be reproduced as the stencil is altered throughout the process.  His tender piece "Playing with her Cub" was featured on the Nunavut Arts & Crafts Holiday Card for 2014.   Find out about more Nunavut artists here!

Congratulations to Andrea Myers from Rankin Inlet for being the winner of the January contest!

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