Winner of the October Guess-the-Artist Contest

The answer to the October Guess-the-Artist Contest question "which traditional craft is featured on the beautiful two-sided wallet made by Rankin Inlet elder Monica Ugjuk" was beading.  Read more after the jump!

Beading is a craft that requires an incredible amount of patience and dexterity.  The commitment of time and attention is well worth it as intricate beadwork can turn regular garments and objects into breath-taking works of art and testaments of pure craftsmanship.  Beadwork can be used to decorate anything from kamiik (boots typically made from caribou hide or seal leather) to small ornamental dolls.  Beadwork is used to turn everyday objects into unique displays of skill, creativity and cultural traditions.

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Congratulations to Beverly Cousins from Kent, England, UK for being the winner of the Monica Ugjuk wallet as part of the October Guess-It-to-Win-It Contest!

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