Winner of the June Guess-the-Artist Contest

The artist from our June Guess-the-Artist Contest was Gwen Tikhak from Cambridge Bay!

Gwen Tikhak, born in 1959, has been sewing since she was a teenager.  Still sewing today, her skills are very versatile as she describes that she does not only sew dolls, but “makes everything”.  She learnt how to sew through her mother Bessie Angulalik and then learned how to make Effie dolls through Elizabeth Ahdladri.  It is evident that sewing remains an important tradition in her family as she describes that younger family members, such as her grand-daughter, are currently in the process of learning.  Ultimately, Gwen sews largely to make others happy as she hopes that they will enjoy her creations.

Congratulations to Lena from Whitehorse, Yukon for being the winner of the June Guess-the-Artist Contest!

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