2016 Nunavut Arts Festival

Join us for the 17th Annual Nunavut Arts Festival
Present in the Past

Dates: August 25th – 30th       Location: Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

The Nunavut Arts Festival is an annual event that celebrates the art created in Nunavut. With the help of our amazing sponsors and partners we bring together artists from all over the territory. Artists have the chance to attend workshops, share their skills, network with artists and organizations and sell their work.

Since 2010 The Nunavut Arts Festival has been rated the #1 festival in Nunavut by West Jet Canada. Each year we've seen growth in both artist participation and attendance. Join artists from across the territory and visitors from around the world in Cambridge Bay from August 26th to 31st for a week-long celebration of the art and artists of Nunavut!

Use the code NAC16, generously provided by our festival sponsor Canadian North, when booking your flight to receive 20% off your travel to the festival!


We are very grateful to our sponsors for helping to make the 2016 Nunavut arts festival a success!