Everyone is welcome to become a member of NACA. Membership is free to Nunavut artists and $50 a year for art organizations, galleries, government departments and other organizations.


NACA members will receive information in Inuktitut and English on:

  • Grant Opportunities
  • Arts Events in Nunavut and around the world
  • Educational opportunities
  • Awards
  • Community-based associations and organizations
  • Flight discounts to help you sell your arts and crafts away from home
  • Reduced rates for tools at Northmart and Northern stores

The NACA staff is also here to support you and to help you make the best use of these opportunities.

You will also have the opportunity to spread your work further. As a NACA member, you can:

  • Participate in the Nunavut Arts Festival
  • Market your artwork on our website
  • Develop a promotional website for your art with a web design specialist
  • Be the first to know about new projects
  • Start arts workshops in your community

You will also be able to take part in the structure of our organization. You are encouraged to share your thoughts on how to advance art, you can request copies of our annual report and strategic plan, and you can nominate and vote on board members at our annual meeting.

Click here to become a NACA member today.

Organizations, Galleries, Departments and Patrons

As an organization, gallery, government department or patron of the arts, you can become a member of NACA by paying a yearly fee of $50. This will give you the ability to reach NACA members with your art- related events, news, and programming information, in both Inuktitut and English. You will also receive newsletters and will have the option of obtaining copies of NACA's annual reports and/or Strategic Plan Highlights. A link to your website and a mention of your support will also be provided on our website.

Best of all, you will be supporting the arts and crafts sector in Nunavut!

Click here to become a NACA member today.