Winner of the May Guess-the-Artist Contest

The artist from our May Guess-the-Artist Contest was Jennifer Veevee from Pangnirtung!

Jennifer Veevee was born in Pangnirtung  in 1976 and started sewing at the age of twenty-four when her sister Linda taught her.  She has been sewing part-time since then, and currently works at the health center in Pangnirtung.  Jennifer’s art consists primarily of wall-hangings, mitts and beadwork.  Her wall-hangings are meticulously sewn and typically feature women wearing an amautik, or family scenes.  She is currently beginning to include animals in her wall-hangings.  Using the traditional inniak shape, Jennifer’s pieces are often framed in a way that mimics a stretched sealskin.  Jennifer uses intricate hand-sewn details, and varied pieces of fabric, wool and fur to add three dimensional elements to the works. 

Congratulations to Ittuvik Saviadjuk from Salluit, in the Nunavik region of Quebec for being the winner of our May Guess-the-Artist Contest!

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