Winner of the February Guess-the-Artist Contest

The artist who made the beautiful rose featured in our February Guess-the-Artist Contest was Isaci Etidloi! Born in Iqaluit, but raised in Cape Dorset, Isaci Etidloi has been carving for over 30 years. As many carvers do, he learned by observing his father, Itulu Etidloi.

Although he would ask his father to teach him, Itulu would reply that the only way to learn was by watching and eventually trying it for yourself. Isaci stands out as an innovative artist through his use of unique subject matter, he states: “I am not into doing bears and walruses, I like to do something challenging that catches the eye”. Isaci’s work often features intricate depictions of subjects such as flowers, faces, hands, or feet. His attention to detail and desire to explore unusual subject matter are what make his works particularly intriguing.

Congratulations to Niore Iqalukjuak from Arctic Bay for being the winner of the February Guess-the-Artist Contest!

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