Setting up a Local Arts Group


Artists get can get more done when they work together. There are a lot of benefits to starting an artists’ association. In an artists’ association, you could:

Your artists association will be recognized by the government if you register it as an incorporated society. An incorporated society acts as a legal entity separate from its members. A society can buy property, borrow money, and put up buildings. Generally speaking, members of an incorporated society are not liable for the debts and obligation of the society.

You need at least five people to create an incorporated society. To register your society:

  1. Complete an application and have it signed by all five members
  2. Have your by-laws signed by all five members
  3. Send the application, by-laws, a fee and a notice of registered office to the Registrar.

Please speaker to your local Registries Office before sending your application. They can show you a sample application and sample by-laws to help you write yours.

If you need help writing these documents, please ask your local Economic Development Officer for assistance.


Every year, 14 days after its annual general meeting, an incorporated society must send the following documents to the Registrar:

  1. Financial statements signed by the society's auditor or, if there is no auditor, by two directors. These statements will list the assets and liabilities of a society, as well as its receipts and expenditures.

  2. A list of the directors, including their jobs and addresses. A director or other authorized officer with the society has to sign this list.

The society must have a mailing address in Nunavut so that letters and legal notices can be mailed to it. If the address changes, the society must let the Registrar know.

For more information, contact:
Nunavut Legal Registries
Phone: (867) 975-6190