Inuit Traditional Art Form Program for Organizations


Organization: Canada Council for the Arts
Deadline: October 15th
Grant Amount: $3000-$20,000

This program supports Aboriginal and Inuit groups, collectives, cultural centres and other organizations to undertake activities that contribute to the knowledge, sharing, understanding and development of Aboriginal or Inuit traditional art forms.

For this program, the term “organization” is used in a general sense to include groups, collectives, cultural centres and other non-profit organizations.

The term “Aboriginal/Inuit traditional visual art forms” refers to activities by Aboriginal and Inuit organizations that are directed toward the research, dissemination and documentation of objects within Aboriginal/Inuit communities as well as the broader arts community. These activities involve high levels of technical knowledge and ability, and knowledge of materials and subject.

Through their work, artists who practice Aboriginal or Inuit traditional visual arts forms show their respect for and knowledge of the historical traditions and the development and context of their art form. They are committed to ensuring the survival of that knowledge for future generations.

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