Copyright Law


It's up to you to decide how, when and where you want images of your work to be reproduced. Artists have the right to control their work and to benefit from their exhibition and reproduction. If you don’t have control over your creations, your art could end up on anything, and you could end up being associated with a product or cause you do not support.

The Canadian Copyright Act protects artists by giving them the legal right to control how their work is used. It also gives them the right to be paid if they decide to allow others to reproduce their work. Copyrights in Canada last for 50 years after an artist’s death.

When you’re looking for help protecting your copyrights, we at NACA recommend the CARfac (Canadian Artists' Representation, or in French, Le Front des Artistes Canadiens) as your supporter.

CARfac helps artist with:

For more information, please contact the CARfac Copyright Collective directly.

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