Help Grise Fiord Students Raise Funds!

Remember the great submissions we got for our holiday card contest and how we said we would be printing card sets to help Grise Fiord students raise funds for their Afterschool Art Club? Well, the cards are finally here and they are GORGEOUS!

Best of all, they're for sale AND all of the money goes towards a great initiative. To buy a set, all you have to do is contact Zuzanna Mignon, the teacher at Umimmak School in charge of the afterschool art club, by e-mail at zuska30 @ or by phone at 1-867-980-9921. It's that easy! 

Each set contains the six images pictured above, which are works created by the students themselves. The back of each card features information on both the student and the work they were inspired by. All cards are blank on the inside (5"x5") and come with six envelopes.